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Starter Guide

The beginners guide will give a perfect start for those with little or no experience in Tricking as well anyone with
non-tricking flips experience.

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In-Depth Video Library

Including detailed Trick tutorials, conditioning, flexibility & nutrition videos,  as well as talks from some of the greatest Trickers in the world giving their insights on how to progress in the sport.

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Personal Trick Analysis

You’ll be able to submit clips to be reviewed by Kojo. He will break down where you are going wrong with your Tricks and give you in depth advice on how to improve your Tricking as a whole.

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1-to-1 Private Coaching

You can book face to face coaching session with Kojo over Skype. He’ll answer any of your training questions, explain where you’re going wrong with tricks & help you plan out your training to maximise progression.

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Sam Kojo

Sam Kojo has been Tricking for over 7 years and has competed on behalf of the UK at a number of events around the world. He has been coaching classes, private sessions, online students through Skype and seminars at events worldwide for 5 years. Kojo is a BG Qualified Gymnastics & Trampolining instructor, UTX Tricking instructor and Level 2 Gym instructor, he is also DBS checked and certified in Child Safeguarding.

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...top trickers from around the world, giving their expert insights. Including individual tutorials, mindset videos & interviews.

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Parent/Guardian Info Pack

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    If you’re 15 or under then show this to your parents before they sign you up! The parent pack outlines how Kojo’s Trick Lab works and what we offer.

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